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Padmini Chandrashekar


Padmini Chandrashekar is a Singapore-based singer and composer who specialises in Indian devotional music. She also has a passion for chanting the Bhagavad Gita and Sanskrit stotras. Her repertoire includes a large collection of bhajans on various Hindu deities, presented in multiple languages. A lover of Tamil language and literature, she is also a well-versed Tamil lyricist.


Padmini is well-known for her mellifluous voice and soulful delivery of popular bhajans and dhuns. She has produced a number of albums in India and US (Bhajans for All, Krishna Krishna!, Echoes of Kailash, Devi - The Divine Feminine) which are available on iTunes and other vendors worldwide.

Aks & Lakshmi

Padmini frequently collaborates with California based composer-vocalist duo Aks & Lakshmi on creating devotional music and conducting workshops.

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